My name is Marcel Stangenberger, and i’m employed as a Technology Lead @ Conclusion Future IT.

My passion is IT. I started on this road since i was six years old when i got my first computer. I’ve always had at least one computer since. Although i liked the occational game i was way more interested in optimizing computer usage, writing scripts to simplify usage and learning about security.

I started my professional IT career in 1999, then as a temporary worker with IBM in Amsterdam fixing mainframe equipment in the weekends. In 2000 i had a internship at the GG&GD Amsterdam where i also was asked to remain as a temp. In 2001 i started a new internship at XO Communication B.V. where after a month i was asked to become a full-time employee.

When i started out with Conclusion they asked me for a favorite motto or quote, i had a couple that that speak to me and i would like to share:

  • Great minds don’t think alike, but they can come to the same conclusion.
  • Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.
  • Whatever you want can be created, but ensure it is what you need.
  • Good IT engineers never do things manually three times, the best never do things manually two times.