Containers, the “big” thing that slowly is taking over infrastucture in the Cloud.

No more need for virtual servers that require operating systems, updates and so on. Nah, just create some software, stack it in a container and run it on docker, Kubernetes or OpenShift….

Now i love working with containers, i’ve migrated all my stuff from VM’s to containers and i’m very happy with it. I use containers at home and at work.

But you must keep in mind that containers are not the holy grail. Yes you don’t need to worry about the operating system, just select one in the manifest, build your application on it, make a deployment stream of it…..and deploy!

Containers do however use resources on your system, and they can have direct access to your local storage (not the container, but the hardware underneath). they have no real resource management like a hypervisor does (you can set some constraints) so you need to be a lot more careful with your resource management.

Yet still, where i used to have about ten servers running VM’s at home for my homelab and some other stuff, i now have just a one home server and a couple of VPS’s, all running in a docker swarm and hosting a bunch of containers with all the software i need. Heck, even this site is running within a container 🙂